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The peninsula "Fosen" is located northwest from Trondheim
"A little Norway" is the usual description of the peninsula Fosen Here you can find, fresh air, a lot of untouched Nature, wide of mountains, woods and seas. The mountains are as the citizens: unshakable (steadfest) and hospitable. The sea can be smooth and seductive, but also wild and impressing.

The citizens says: If you don´t like the weather just wait some minutes, it will change fast.
Fosen has everything- excluding motorways, traffic jams and stress.
Recently Råkvåg is nominated as the loveliest city on Fosen but also as the loveliest city in "Sør-Trøndelag". (The pearl of Fosen) The distance from Trondheim to Råkvåg is just 70 km + ferry from Flakk-Rørvik (25 minutes) The remarkable harbour from Råkvåg is still a monument of the era where the herring fishing the city stamped. This is the biggest congregation of houses which are built of wood elements and stands in the water. The building acted the fishing industry as drying and storage rooms. They are good conserved and under protection. Among other things there are art exhibition, Art museum, and café.
The veteran sailboats still goes out to the islands. Some Tavern, the small boat harbour and a flea market which is located in an old shop are the reason why Råkvåg is an interesting goal for vacation.

The possibility of fishing is still very good. It is possible to fish in the fjord, in some lakes and in two salmon rivers. The Nordelva (salmon between 1 and 6 kilo) runs through a fantastic nature area. Here it is possible to visit a wonderful beach and some beautiful resorts to the heathland east from Råkvåg. Not far away the well known "Skauga" River flows through the land.
Now something to your destination, respectively to "Bjørkvik-Yard"
Bjørkvig-Yard is a Family Yard with an old tradition from 1865.
The Owner is the 5. Generation of the Family, Kåre an Inger with their two children.
The Yard is a typical Norwegian coast yard.

On the Bjørkvik Yard Guests has been welcome since many years and many of them have returned.
Discription of our summer residence "Trøndelan":
(onetime our residential house of our family) approximately built in 1890 - restorated in 1990. The house contains an apartment for 4 persons. The apartment is two-storied, with a big living room, 3 sleeping rooms, Kitchen, bathroom and a toilett. There is a wooden terrace with garden furniture and the view is focused on the fjord. Also the apartment contains a deep freezer and a boat including motor. As a matter of course a room with flowing water where you can fillet your fish is availabel.
As a matter of course a room with flowing water where you can fillet your fish is availabel.

4 hut´s are available which are built between 1992 and 1999. The have a base of approximately 48 m². A living room with kitchenette, 2 sleeping rooms, bathroom with shower and toilett. In each hut there is a satellite connection. A deep freezer is in the hall available. In each sleeping rooms are two beds. It is a norwegian bunk bed. The lower bed has a width of 120 cm, the upper bed is normal sized.
The hut´s are located directly to the water. On the terrace there is a wonderful view on to the fjord. In each hut a 16 foot boat (with 9.9 hp outboard motor) is included.

The Guest Pavilion
The Guest Pavilion This Guest Pavilion is located nearly the water and the guests spends some nice evenings in there.
How do I get to Norway?
With The Ferry Boat from Kiel to Oslo (19 Hours). Oslo an Trondheim are connected over two main roads (E6 or R3). You drive via Hamar, Lillehammer, Ringebu, Otta, Dombås, Oppdal, Ulsberg until Trondheim (ca. 540 km). Here the two mainroads (E6 and R3) meets together. On the R3 is not as much traffic as on the E6. From Klett the road 707 leads you to the ferry Flakk - Rørvik (Fosen). The road 715 leads you to Brekstad, Åfjord und Rødsjøsaeter. After 3 kilometer you will reach Råkvåg. We would be pleased to welcome you. Your family Inger and Kåre Bjørkvik
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